BEGIN:VCALENDAR PRODID:-//Microsoft Corporation//Outlook 16.0 MIMEDIR//EN VERSION:2.0 METHOD:PUBLISH X-MS-OLK-FORCEINSPECTOROPEN:TRUE BEGIN:VTIMEZONE TZID:Eastern Standard Time BEGIN:STANDARD DTSTART:16011104T020000 RRULE:FREQ=YEARLY;BYDAY=1SU;BYMONTH=11 TZOFFSETFROM:-0400 TZOFFSETTO:-0500 END:STANDARD BEGIN:DAYLIGHT DTSTART:16010311T020000 RRULE:FREQ=YEARLY;BYDAY=2SU;BYMONTH=3 TZOFFSETFROM:-0500 TZOFFSETTO:-0400 END:DAYLIGHT END:VTIMEZONE BEGIN:VEVENT CLASS:PUBLIC CREATED:20210805T155504Z DESCRIPTION:Welcome to Opal Group’s Diversity\, Equity & Inclusion Virtua l Summit (November) \n\nThe Diversity\, Equity & Inclusion Executive Summi t is a face to face gathering of senior level\, enterprise executives with expertise in the areas of Diversity\, Equity\, Equality\, Inclusion\, Bel onging\, Culture\, Talent\, and Human Resources. Our exclusive group of pr actitioners come together to connect\, benchmark\, and network through the discussion of key strategies\, practices\, and ideas related to DE&I. Dur ing this unprecedented time in history\, it is important to create purpose ful connections with like-minded professionals that will lead to the creat ion of long-term\, impactful change in the areas of DE&I. The Diversity\, Equity & Inclusion Summit fosters the creation of these relationships.\n\n Event Website: -executive-summit-2021-2/\n\nImportant to do NOW\nAdd this email to your “safe sender list” - Opal Group You will receive an email with a link from the platform the day before AND the morning of t he event\n\nInvite Your Peers\nShould you wish to invite members of your t eam and DEI peers\, we are more than happy to welcome them and they may re gister here\, for free nclusion-executive-summit-2021-2/\n \n \n \n DTEND;TZID="Eastern Standard Time":20211109T150000 DTSTAMP:20210805T155504Z DTSTART;TZID="Eastern Standard Time":20211107T130000 LAST-MODIFIED:20210805T155504Z LOCATION:LIVE Orlando\, FL PRIORITY:5 SEQUENCE:0 SUMMARY;LANGUAGE=es-co:Opal Group’s Diversity\, Equity & Inclusion Virtua l Summit (Nov) TRANSP:OPAQUE UID:040000008200E00074C5B7101A82E00800000000F052A9A6F089D701000000000000000 010000000DD86705D567B614688DD2796DDBD2E97 X-ALT-DESC;FMTTYPE=text/html: