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"It was a privilege to be involved with the inaugural Toronto forum and I look forward to supporting the event in the years to come"
- -Andrew O'Neill
"This event was clear, pertinent, and to the point. I will return regularly. Thank you for assembling the talent and topics."
- -Mark Virello, Chief Financial Officer, Laboure College
"Opal presented an efficient, well organized endowment conference that covered the issues that higher education professionals are facing on a daily basis. This was my first Opal conference and I will be eager to see the agenda for next year."
- -Scott Tochtermna, Endowment Portfolio Analyst, Messiah College
"A wonderful opportunity to share ideas and learn "
- -Stephen Viederman, Finance Committee, Christopher Reynolds Foundation
"We enjoyed the independent perspective provided by actual E&F investors and others in the space that invest in private equity."
- -Ben Stoddard, Senior Investment Analyst, Virginia Tech Foundation
"Opal conferences provide a platform to learn about the industry, share best practices and connect with new/old friends "
- -Kiran Jethwa, Managing Partner, Fumase, LLC
"Program content was very strong and well rounded."
- -John Keane, Executive Director - Administrator, Jacksonville Police and Fire Pension Fund
"Great opportunities to listen, learn, and network."
- -James Hensel, CFA, Principal, Mercer Hammond
"Informative program, well presented."
- -James Fleming, Trustee, Massachusetts Water Resources Authority Retirement System
"I became a Trustee in May 2012, and because of Opal putting together these Summits, I can surely say that when I'm at the board meetings I can ask questions that I gathered from the conferences that I attented. I can ask the appropiate questions regarding our penison. Continual education has been a great benefit in my performing my due diligence responablity as a trustee. Thanks Opal for allowing me to take part in these wonderful summits."
- -Phyllis Carr, Trustee, Birmingham Retirement & Relief Pension Board
"Very strong program with outstanding presenters."
- -John Keane, Executive Director, Jacksonville Police and Fire Pension
"Opal runs a very professional conference and provides great opportunities for networking."
- -Kurt Lieberman, Partner, Magni Asset Management
"I would recommend Opal Conferences to all Public Fund Trustees. Education is the key to our success in maintaining positive returns in a volatile market."
- -Gerald Garret, Trustee, Oklahoma Firefighters Pension & Retirement System
"Great location, great speakers, current topics made for a terrific conference."
- -Paul Shanley, Trustee, Mass PRIM Board
"This was a lively, fun and very educational conference."
- -Kelen Evans, Chairman, Atlanta Firefighters Pension Fund
"Topics addressed this year were especially relevant and well presented"
- -Suzanne Taylor, Chairperson, Old Saybrook Retirement Board
"Bright speakers, excellent topics, great networking!"
- -James Strouse, Chairman, Burlington (VT) Employees' Retirement System
"Opal's event is a must-do for any emerging manager. Many of the attendees are serious about finding new talent, portfolio risk management strategies and venturing into alternative asset classes."
- -Jeannette Showalter, CFA, Alternative Asset Consultant, Worldwide Futures Systems
"This event is the best at connecting emerging managers with trustees and consultants!"
- -John Shostack, Trustee, Chicago Park Employees' Annuity and Benefit Fund
"Great time slots and intuitive participants."
- -Ed Theobald, Trustee, New Hampshire Fireman's Fund
"Opal's speakers and topics were very interesting and important ine commercial real estate investing business now."
- -Leslie, Andren, Consultant, Andren Computer Solutions
"This was my first conference with Opal. From the beginning they were tentative to my questions/concerns. The conference was educational, but most of all the networking was top notch. I already have some follow up meetings in my calendar. Can't ask for much more!"
- -Nick Jones, Red Bell Partners, LLC
"Great conference. Will certainly do deals with some of the people I met at the conference."
- -James Fried, Managing Director, Aztec Group, Inc.
"This was a great conference focused on all asset classes of real estate."
- -Ben Cary, Director of Business Development, Starwood Hotels & Resorts
"I have been in the RE development business for 30 years and actually learned a great deal at the conference."

- -Barry Goldmeier, President, Advanced Housing Corp.

"Most events leave you feeling less than inspired . this opal event was amongst the best I’ve attended in 25 years much to do with the opal team."
- -William “Billy” Procida, President, Procida Funding, LLC
"I would definitely attend the Real Estate Investors Summit again. It is a great way to meet other decision makers and educate yourself on all things real estate related."
- -Jason Janda, Associate, R.W. Selby
"How you made this conference work the week before Mardi Gras is amazing. You kept our minds focused on the seminar and not all the craziness that Mardi Gras conjures up on New Orleans. But then left us to enjoy the craziness Congrats on a great conference."
- -Lorraine Dees, Director, Registrars of Voters Employees' Retirement System
"Having served as a trustee for 16 years I have attended more conferences than I can remember. Opal conferences have always been exceptional for their content, location, and the Opal staff! This one was no exception!"
- -Gary Stiles, Chairman, Fulton (GA) County Employees Retirement System
"Opal is an outstanding company and puts on some of the best conferences I have ever attended. Their attention to detail is second to none. I look forward to their next offering."
- -Patrick Lynch, Trustee, Tampa Fire and Police Pension Fund
"Great speakers, great topics, great networking - unbelievably great venue."
- -James Strouse, Chairman, Burlington (VT) Employees' Retirement System
"Superbly organized conference in a fabulous location."
- -Mustafa Saiyid, Director, The International Monetary fund (IMF)
"Opal is innovative and a leader in the space of organizing quality programs specific to the investment industry. No matter the theme, I am always meeting quality participants and learning new information."
- -Dale Neibert, H-E-B Brand Savings & Retirement Plan, H.E. Butt Grocery
"You always pick great venues to go along with the excellent programs."
- -Rene Nunez, Chairman/Trustee, Hispanic & Business Alliance
"Opal provides an excellent venue to network with peers and industry professionals."
- - Helena Cohen, Investment Analyst - The Gemma Foundation, Inc
"Opal conferences are always topical and informative which is a great way to stay current with industry trends while also fulfilling one's trustee responsibilities- a critical must do in today's environment."
- - Bruce Miller, Finance Director - City of Annapolis Maryland
"I really enjoyed the conference and would recommend it to anyone who would like to learn more about the Family Office and Private Wealth area."
- - John Tameo, Managing Director - Treesdale Advisors
"OPAL Staff and organization at the conference site was impeccable! Conference content was extremely valuable and timely for today's current environment."
- - John Fisher, Trustee - City of Southfield Fire & Police Retirement System

"Perfect location to bring together a diverse group of products (for Family Office)"

- - Paul Seto, Director of Research - Misfit Financial Group, LLC
"A great diversification of views and topics, something for the new and veteran trustee."
- - Joe Mackey, Trustee - Vermont State Teachers Retirement System
"Amazing (Public Funds) conference!! Great content and a terrific atmosphere !!! Highly recommend attending."
- - Mark Eisner, Chairman - Daytona Beach Police and Fire Pension Fund
"This is a truly exceptional educational (Public Funds) conference, timely topics and phenomenal speakers plus a great venue for the conference."
- - Antonio Torres, Board Member/ Development Officer - Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency
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