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Q: How do I become a sponsor?
A: We offer several sponsorship options, ranging from exhibitor to platinum packages. Inquiries can be made under the Sponsorship link at our homepage, or by calling 212.532.9898 x 275.
Q: How do I register for an event?
A: You can register directly by filling out the online attendee registration form for the appropriate conference, or by calling 212.532.9898 x 246
Q: How do I get discounts on travel and hotel reservations?
A: Each Opal event homepage contains hotel and travel information, through which discounts can be obtained for conference attendees. Opal Financial Group has reduced rate room blocks available for conference participants.
Q: How do I sign up for conference networking activities?
A: You can submit your interest for any Opal conference networking activity by calling 212.532.9898 x 228.
Q: As a sponsor, how can I submit marketing materials?
A: Marketing materials can be submitted by calling 212.532.9898 x 246.
Q: How can I receive information regarding general inquiries?
A: For general inquiries, call 212.532.9898 x 246.
Q: How do I get more information on becoming a media sponsor?
A: You can contact the marketing department directly via email at marketing@opalgroup.net, or by calling 212.532.9898 x 246.
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