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Public Funds Summit East

Public Funds Summit

January 12-14, 2015
Fairmont Scottsdale Princess, Scottsdale, AZ
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(Agenda current as of 12-18-13)
  Conference Day 1: Tuesday, January 7, 2014
9:00 am Exhibit Setup Begins
10:30 am Registration Opens
11:50 am Chairman Welcoming Remarks

Trustee, Boca Raton (FL) Police & Fire Retirement Assoc.
12:00 pm Conference Workshop (boxed lunch will be served)

Detroit's pension funds are fighting Judge Rhodes' decision to declare Detroit eligible to proceed with Chapter 9 bankruptcy, and to not treat pensions as protected from cuts unlike other creditors. As Detroit looks for ways to emerge from bankruptcy, municipal employees and retirees could end up bearing much of the cost. Detroit's bankruptcy might change how local public pension plans are funded and whether benefits are truly guaranteed. The presentation will focus on the wider implications for public pension plans if the federal bankruptcy judge reduces vested benefits, and whether federal bankruptcy law trumps state constitutional pension protections. If Detroit's bankruptcy results in cuts to pension benefits for its employees, it may potentially impact municipal workers who are in or near retirement and who have planned their futures based on retirement promises.

Sponsored by:
Girard Gibbs LLP

Partner, Girard Gibbs LLP

1:00 pm "Addressing the Challenges of Currency Exposure in Internationally Invested Portfolios"

1:20 pm Public Pensions and the State of the U.S. Retirement System:
  • The state of U.S. Retirement
  • How are public funds preparing for the next economic cycle
  • How are public funds approaching pension and health program sustainability
  • The relevance and impact of new GASB's
  • What future investment returns are expected?
  • The impact of municipal bankruptcies on public employee pensions and benefits

Executive Director, Arizona State Retirement System

Chief Investment Officer, Louisiana State Employees' Retirement System
Executive Director, St. Louis Police Retirement System
Chief Investment Officer, New Mexico Educational Retirement Board

2:20 pm Using Data for Competitive Advantage
  • Why data and analytics are at the top of the strategic agenda for institutional investors
  • How an optimized data strategy can help institutional investors compete in the current climate
  • What the trend toward multi-asset portfolios means for institutional investors
Head of Asset Owner Sector Solutions, Americas, STATE STREET global services
2:40 pm New Styles and Strategies for Investing: Identifying Promising Investment Opportunities for Institutional Investors:
  • What are the best strategies to yield positive returns
  • How is the global economy changing the way public pensions invest
  • New Investment Opportunities for 2014
  • Creating opportunities in a rebounding economy
  • Liquid Alternatives - Will they change the investment landscape
  • Stories from the trenches: home runs and train wrecks
  • Global Versus Domestic Opportunities and do they fit for your office
  • Absolute Return Strategies
  • Traditional vs. non traditional, what are the benefits
  • How to implement a style-based approach
  • Are you seeing any significant new product innovations?

Senior Managing Director, Cliffwater LLC

Managing Director Global Head of Long Short Investments, S&P Dow Jones Indices
Senior Managing Director, Windhaven Investment Management, Inc.
CEO, CIO and Chairman, 300 North Capital, LLC
Senior Director, Senior Director, Strategy Indices, UBS Global Asset Management

3:40 pm Networking Break

Sponsored by:
4:00 pm Challenges facing Public Pension Plans in the Manager Selection Process:
  • Choosing a Manager to consistently Beat the Benchmark
  • How to select the most appropriate benchmark and understanding the downstream cost implications
  • Understanding the Role of Fees in the Manager Selection Process
  • Which is more crucial: individuals, process, or overall performance
  • The top five attributes to look for when choosing a manager
  • Due diligence against fraud- What should you be looking for?
  • Diversifying
  • Track Record

Trustee, oklahoma firefighters pension & retirement system

Founder and Executive VP, BackTrack Reports
Managing Director, Grosvenor Capital Management
CEO, Halifax Port ILA/HEA Pension Plan and Trust Funds
Managing Director, Head of Research, Nasdaq-OMX

5:00 pm State Treasurer Roundtable

Executive Director, Minnesota Teachers Retirement Association

State Treasurer, State of Iowa
State Treasurer, State of Utah
Treasurer, Arizona State Treasurer's Office
State Treasurer, State of New Mexico
State Treasurer, The State of Idaho

6:15 pm Cocktail Reception

Sponsored by:

STATE STREET global services
  Conference Day 2: Wednesday, January 8, 2014
7:15 am Networking Continental Breakfast in Exhibit Hall

Sponsored by:
GTS Advisors
7:50 am Chairman Welcoming Remarks

Trustee, Boca Raton (FL) Police & Fire Retirement Assoc.
8:00 am Best Practices on Transaction Costs - Help control What May Be The Fund's Largest Expense

Managing Director, GTS Advisors
8:20 am Illiquidity Premiums in the Private Markets

President of Crestline Canada, Crestline Investors, Inc.
8:40 am "Current Challenges to Securities Litigation:  Will the Courthouse Doors Shut to Defrauded Investors?"

Attorney & Co-Founder, Saxena White
9:00 am Hedge Funds/Fund of Funds
  • Which hedge fund strategies will thrive in the current market environment?
  • Which hedge funds best complement your portfolio
  • How to differentiate your fund?
  • Is bigger better?
  • How are hedge funds received as a result of the Jobs Act?
  • Are hedge funds producing a much greater risk to Public Pensions than fixed income strategies? Debunking Misconceptions.
  • New expectations pension plans have for hedge fund managers- Open protocol enabling risk aggregation standards
  • Analyzing and measuring performance of hedge funds
  • Customized HF Replication: Fee Reduction is the Purest Form of Alpha

Advisory, Americas, Aksia LLC

CEO & Replications Strategies Head, Beachhead Capital Management, LLC
Director, BlackRock Alternative Advisors (BAA)

Real Estate Investing:
  • Trends in 2014
  • Buying from the FDIC & Banks
  • Buying notes/debt vs. assets
  • What significant opportunities and challenges face the Real Estate sector
  • Distressed real estate opportunities
  • International opportunities
  • Commercial vs. Residential
  • The current state of the international and domestic REIT market, public & private
  • Understanding different types of real estate private equity
  • Investment strategies

Executive Director-Administrator, Jacksonville Police and Fire Pension Fund

Co-head of AIP Real Estate Fund Group, MORGAN STANLEY
Managing Principal, TerraCap Management Corp.

9:45 am Opportunities in Fixed Income and Credit Markets:
  • Municipal market - Assessment and opportunities
  • Investment grade treasuries and corporate - What is risk free
  • Global bonds - Opportunities in currency diversification and inflation
  • Opportunities in direct lending outside the core capital markets
  • Investing in an improving housing market
  • Opportunities in asset-backed and mortgage-backed credit
  • Major trends in the credit markets for 2014
  • Exploiting inefficiencies in the credit markets
  • The importance of manager flexibility
  • Benefits of a long-term strategic allocation to the high yield asset class
  • How to use derivatives to express views not available in cash securities

Treasurer, City of Southfield Michigan

General Consulting, Managing Director, Pension Consulting Alliance
Fixed Income Institutional Portfolio Manager, Pyramis Global Advisors
Associate Director and Portfolio Manager, Pacific Alternative Asset Management Company, LLC (PAAMCO)

Real Assets: Should you plan invest in this asset class?
  • How do real assets fit into a pension funds portfolio?
  • What are the real return characteristics of Real assets?
  • Risks involved
  • Infrastructure
  • Water
  • Oil and Gas Investing
  • Direct vs. Indirect Investments
  • Diversifying with Agriculture

Senior Consultant, Segal Rogerscasey

Head of Corporate Development, TORTOISE capital advisors
Managing Director, Portfolio Manager, Director of Research, Clearbridge Investments
Senior Vice President, Kleinwort Benson Investors

10:30 am Networking Refreshment Break in Exhibit Hall

Sponsored by:

Crestline Investors, Inc.
10:45 am The Global Outlook & State of Emerging Markets:
  • Which emerging market will be the best performer in 2014
  • Which countries offer the most favorable opportunities for public plans?
  • Profiting by diversifying into Emerging and Frontier Markets
  • Frontier Markets as a Hedging Strategy
  • Investing in BRIC economies
  • MENA- What are the advantages and drawbacks
  • What is the outlook for emerging markets debt in an environment with the Fed reducing their bond purchase program?
  • Where are the best opportunities within emerging markets debt?
  • Within emerging markets debt, is the best strategy to be in U.S. dollar, local currency or a blended strategy?

Vice President, Meketa Investment Group

Portfolio Manager, Brandes Investment Partners
Senior Portfolio Advisor, Dupont Capital Management Corporation
Berens Capital

11:30 am Investment Trends for 2014
  • Where should pension funds look to invest in 2014?
  • What is the role of alternatives and private equity in your portfolio?
  • What is the role of alternatives and private equity in your portfolio?
  • Determining the optimal investment mix--properly diversifying you portfolio
  • How do market fluctuations throw asset allocation out of balance?
  • Shelter from the storm...safe investments?
  • What asset classes will perform best in the next 12 months
  • Incorporating alternative strategies within traditional strategies
  • Global trends in alternative investments



CFA, Associate Director, Pacific Alternative Asset Management Company, LLC ("PAAMCO")
Partner, Hanson Bridgett LLP

12:15 pm Network Luncheon

Sponsored by:
Pacific Alternative Asset Management Company
  • Risk parity and other risk based allocation ideas
  • Risk factor allocations instead of asset allocations (growth, inflation, etc.).
  • Risk premia, or alternative betas, as a source of uncorrelated return
  • The role of risk management and risk culture in public plans

Paul Doane, Executive Director, ST. PAULS TEACHER'S RETIREMENT

CFA, CAIA, Senior Vice President, Implemented
Investment Consulting, SEGAL ROGERSCASEY
Principal & Consulting Actuary, BUCK CONSULTANTS
Director of Pension & Endowment Risk, MILLIMAN, INC.

2:30 pm Equity Investing
  • Where are the best investment opportunities in 2014
  • Domestic vs. International Equity
  • Global strategies
  • New opportunities ahead?
  • Enhanced equity strategies
  • What to look for when selecting an equity manager

Trustee, West Palm Beach (FL) Police Pension Fund

Principal, Portfolio Manager & CIO, Herndon Capital
Senior Portfolio Manager, Munder Capital Management
Research Anayst & Principal, Southeastern Asset Management
3:30 pm Legal Issues Facing Public Pensions
  • Protecting your fund from scrutiny
  • Fiduciary Reliance on Expert Advice
  • Cross border litigation...International Issues
  • Protecting your assets
  • Corporate reform and shareholder litigation
  • Pending litigation...potential impact
  • Recent developments
  • Investor protection
  • Best practices and compliance issues for the hedge funds and fund of funds
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Outcome of current legislation and regulations
  • SEC update

Chief Executive Office, Strasburger & Price, LLP


Attorney, Pomerantz Grossman Hufford Dahlstrom & Gross LLP
Partner, Chimicles & Tikellis LLP
Partner, Kaplan Fox & Kilsheimer LLP
Attorney, Kendall Law Group, LLP

4:30 pm Pension Consultant Outlook
  • Choosing the right consultant for your plan
  • How are consultants and pension funds comparing money manager's performance?
  • Consultant obligations during manager selection and what characteristics do consultants focus on?
  • Choosing a qualified consultant to perform appropriate due diligence.

Senior Consultant, NEPC, LLC

Managing Director, Asset Consulting Group, Inc.
Head of Fund Sponsor Consulting, Callan Associates
Managing Partner, Kamp Consulting Solutions, LLC
Chief Executive Officer, Investigative Management Group
Principal, Asset Strategy Consultants
5:30 pm Networking Cocktail Reception

Sponsored by:
Saxena White

  Conference Day 3: Thursday, January 9, 2014
7:45 am Networking Continental Breakfast in Exhibit Hall

Sponsored By:
Pyramis Global Advisors
8:20 am Chairman Welcoming Remarks

Trustee, Boca Raton (FL) Police & Fire Retirement Assoc.
8:10 am Standalone
8:30 am Ongoing Education for Plan Fiduciaries and Participants
  • Understanding Your Fiduciary Responsibilities
  • Creating a Fiduciary Ethics Policy
  • What constitutes "Conflicts of Interest"
  • Preparing Participants for the Contemporary American Retirement System
  • Participant PR Campaigns for Retirement Plans
  • Hosting Pre-Retirement Workshops for Plan Participants

President, Inter-Local Pension Fund

Trustee, City of Atlanta Firefighter's Pension Fund
Chairman, City of Austin Police Retirement Fund
Trustee, Chicago Policemen's Annuity and Benefit Fund
Trustee and Board Chairman, Jacksonville police and fire pension fund

9:15 am DB/DC Debate
  • Public Sector employees are facing...
  • Attacks on Defined Benefit (DB) Plans
  • National Pension Reform
  • Pension Reform
  • Economic Challenges - Recession
  • Eliminating Compound Cost Of Living Allowances (COLA)
  • Working More for Less - Right to Work Movement

President, Ed Friend. Inc

Deputy Executive Director, Employees Retirement System of Texas
Chairman, City of Orlando Police Pension Board
Risk Manager, City of Little Rock
Pension Benefits Manager, City of Lakeland Retirement System
Trustee, City of Phoenix Police Pension Board

10:30 am Investor Q&A - A Trustee's Perspective

Chairman, Daytona Beach Police and Fire Pension Fund

Chairman, City of Aurora (CO) General Employees' Retirement Plan
Trustee, Austin Police Retirement System
Trustee, San Antonio Fire and Police Pension Fund
Trustee, CPPF
Trustee, Lincoln Fire and Rescue

11:30 am Conference Concludes

Sponsored by:

300 North Capital LLC
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